We are a retail experience store dedicated to promoting emerging and mature craftsman brands from all over the world, emphasizing small batch, high quality and sustainability.

We offer a large number of retail goods at wholesale prices. How do we keep prices low? We have a long-term cooperative relationship with manufacturers for decades. This gives us bargaining power, but it also allows us to carry less inventory. We ship 90% of our products directly from the manufacturer and pass on the saved costs to you, our customers. Delivery is always free and our service is second to none. We are confident to provide the lowest price in the industry for all your furniture and seating needs.

As our price is very low, many customers ask us whether we use our furniture. We are proud to say that all our products are brand new and in the original manufacturer’s cartons. They are unused, returned by customers or defective items.

We are proud to provide you and all our customers with the best shopping experience. This means that from the moment you enter Vitaltrimmer to the moment your order is delivered to your door, we are committed to your satisfaction. We value your business and will continue to provide top brands, choices, lowest prices and excellent services.

Our name reflects the vision of our founders that your home is not just the house itself, but the entire habitat you create, where you live and play. Stop and help your own habitat reflect you. Although we can’t provide all our wonderful products on this website, we provide an important sample for those who can’t visit us in person. Thank you, we appreciate your feedback!

Our contact information:support@vitaltrimmer.com